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Media Coverage: How Right to Farm Changes Are Hurting Real Michigan Farmers & Families

Randy Zeilinger and his Garden City Backyard Farm.

Urban Chicken Podcast (6/11/2014):  Michigan Right to Farm Act - No Longer Progressive Protection for Urban Chickens and Farms. Zeilinger discusses Right to Farm, the recent changes limiting ivestock raising, and his own experiences with criminal prosecution by Garden City for his chickens (at 31:10), and the Michigan Small Farm Council (at 34:41).  Focus is on urban farms.

The Hudson Family and their Williamstown Township Rural Farm.

Lansing State Journal (6/12/2014): Judge Finds Owners of Williamstown Tshp Farm in Contempt, Animals Removed.  Small commercial farm specializing in food for families with allergies is forced to remove animals, children lose their 4-H animals.

Inquistr (6/13/2014): Michigan Small Farm Found in Contempt of Court, Forced to Remove Livestock.

Media Coverage: Right to Farm Changes

New York Times (6/5/14): Fund Manager Sets Goats Grazing in Urban Detroit (Note: This article isn't directly about Right to Farm, but the Detroit ordinance against goats was "allowed" by a 2012 GAAMPs change enacted by the appointed MDARD Commission that many in the small farm movement believe is illegal as it directly contradicts the Right to Farm Act itself--the RTFA explicitly disallows local ordinances from superseding its provisions).

Mlive (5/22/14): Working Group Forming to Talk Farm Animals, Urban Chickens

Mlive (5/14/14): Michigan Small Farm Council Disputes Agriculture Director's Explanation of Right to Farm Changes

MLive (5/9/14): Senate Agriculture Committee to Hear Testimony on Michigan Right to Farm Issue

Huffington Post (5/9/14): Michigan Fails Food Growers

Fox17 West Michigan (5/8/14): Who has 'Right to Farm' Protection? Changes to Rules Affect Farms of All Sizes & Locations

Backyard Poultry (5/8/14): It's Not Just Michigan: The Importance of Knowing Your Local Laws (part 3 of a 3-part article)

InfoWars (5/8/14):  Right to Farm Being Stripped from Citizens: Michigan Can Now Ban Animals in Backyards

farmgirlmedia (5/7/14): What's Wrong with Michigan?

TruthFarmer (5/7/14):  Growing Food Gets a Smackdown in Michigan

Inquistr (5/6/14):  Petition to Keep Michigan's Right to Farm Now Circulating: Supported by Michigan Small Farm Council

Detroit News (5/4/14):  New Michigan Urban Farm Policy Creates More Uncertainty

Inquistr (5/2/14): Michigan Loses Right to Farm this Week: A Farewell to Backyard Chickens and Beekeepers

The Blaze (4/30/14):  State Rule Change Challenges Protection of Some Residential Farmers

Mlive (4/29/14): Change in Rules for Michigan Farm Animals Creates Confusion

Analysis: Responses to the Michigan Ag Department & Michigan Senate

Rebuttal of Michigan Department of Agriculture's Right to Farm FAQs

     Michigan Small Farm Rights responds to MDARD's misleading FAQs regarding Right to Farm & GAAMPs.


MI Dept of Ag Director Jamie Clover Adams' Statement Regarding Recent GAAMP Changes

            & Rebuttal by Michigan Small Farm Council

     The Michigan Small Farm Council responds to Director Clover's defense of the GAAMP changes.


Testimony at the 5/15 Michigan Senate Agriculture Committee Meeting

     Written documents entered into the Senate record.


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